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Online RN To BSN Programs

Going straight from high school into a registered nursing bachelor’s degree is time consuming and not necessary to attain the goals you have. (Before that have a look at my post on certified nursing assistant job description and salary) A bachelor’s degree program will take you about 4 years, during which you will not be working; not allowing you to make any income and not gaining any experience.

There are other easier and smarter ways to go about attaining a bachelor’s of science in nursing degree, and the best thing to do is to start out by taking an associate’s degree in nursing in college.


This will only take 2 years of your time and it is sufficient to prepare you for the NACLEX-RN certification exam that you will need to pass in order to become a registered nurse. Once you gain an entry level position and start accumulating some work experience, the next step is achieving your original goal of earning a bachelor’s degree; only now you can do it much easier and faster.

With online rn to bsn programs, getting your bachelor’s degree will take half the time and even less stress.

A common question is why is it necessary if you are already a registered nurse to pursue an additional degree. In nursing, there are many different levels, and more opportunities are available to those with higher education. Even nurses who have many years of experience can benefit in salary from getting a bachelor’s degree.

Furthermore, a bachelor’s degree allows registered nurses to delve into different specialties, like psychiatry, intensive care or diagnostics. It also helps them update their skills and learn about the changes and developments in the industry.

Also, it could prepare you for any future ambitions in management, administration or in pursuing a master’s degree. And the best part is that you could benefit from company policy to receive help in your tuition for RN to BSN programs. Also Check out Rita Strong at – She is a Registered Nurese who shares he experiences in her website..

Your program of study will cover many different subjects and it could take you up to 2 years to complete, depending on your program choice and your pace. Some of the subjects covered will be complex health issues, nursing leadership, diagnostic reasoning and nursing research as some of your nursing courses as well as almost half of your credits in general education.

And you have options to do it completely online. You can decide to study full or part time and learn with your web based videos and lessons on your own time around your work schedule.

Getting your bachelor’s degree once you’ve already been certified as a registered nurse is a very good idea, even if you think your studying days are over. It will open more doors for your career, and even if you don’t want to change positions, you could still earn more in your job with more education.

You can also explore new specialties and discover changes in the industry, and doing it part time from home couldn’t be easier. Online RN to BSN programs really facilitate learning so there is no excuse not to apply.

When Is A Tummy Tuck Really In Order?

My wife has been feeling really low and down of late and one of the main reasons for this is down to a great deal of ‘unshakable’ fat around the abdominal area.

As beautiful as she is, I still find it incredibly difficult in reassuring her that there are things that we can do to try and resolve the issue. I ought to also mention that she has given birth to 2 children by C section and also has a lot of scar tissue in the abdominal region.

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She has now come to me however, and is wondering whether a tummy tuck is a viable.

So let’s look at this in a little more detail: -

What actually is a tummy tuck? The medical term for a tummy tuck, is abdominoplasty and is a surgical procedure that in essence, remodels the belly and skin muscles around it.

There are a range of motives or reasons why this surgery is carried out but it is commonly more for cosmetic cause with more and more women opting for it now.

Frequently, as in my wifes case, the recipient will have given birth and has now been left with excess skin and stretch marks in the abdominal reason. This can make one feel very discomforted and at ease, giving more incentive to having the tummy tuck procedure in order to look and feel greater.

Of course there are a number of other reasons why people may opt for tummy tucks, for instance, if somebody has just lost a great deal of weight and has been left with a great deal of loose skin around the stomach. This can be ever so frustrating and leave one feeling very despondent.

The price however, is not cheap and thorough research is required to ensure you are taking the best course of action. A tummy tuck is a procedure that you will want to ensure you have an experienced, qualified and highly recommended surgeon for.

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If you are considering this procedure, as like my wife, then your first point of call is a visit to your GP, for further guidance and also to see if there is any other alternative.

Accelerated Nursing Degree

The word nursing is often associated to the term, globalization wherein it is often addressed to be a global phenomenon. In that case, we are being presented by different options in related with the course that would allow us to be part of the world’s fast growing profession for example cna job description and salary –

There is what we call practical nursing, caregiver and accelerated nursing. We all live in a world wherein we compete every day that is why we have to be competitive.

Being competitive basically means that we have to build a good foundation in a fast and easy manner so as we can deliver our services faster than the others.

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Accelerated nursing is what others call the “passport” for success. They have given that term because they believe that having a diploma in nursing would lead them to the path of having a good salary structure, a good number of benefits that would help them survive life and other privileges that would help their own families.

Accelerated nursing also purports the label, high-speed because it is a nursing course wherein a student enrolled will be able to graduate in less than 15 months time, unlike with the regular course in which it takes about 4 years.

Contrasting to hearsay, accelerated nursing is just similar to the regular course and that you will get to receive the same diploma and a bachelor’s degree as well. However, those who are interested in taking up the course should graduate from a four-year course but it does not matter whether it is related to a medical course or not.

Accelerated nursing enables a person to speed his or her career ahead of the others since they will graduate fast and be able to get into the world of nursing immediately.

Although the little time is a bit demanding and the number of hours is limited compared to the regular course, the end of it will still be worth it because of the diploma in your hands.

Opposing to other’s belief, graduating from accelerated nursing does not limit them to work in a hospital setting. Rather, it can open many opportunities for them like working in a rehabilitation center, nursing schools wherein great salary is being offered, home care and other institutions that would gratify the demands and return all the hard work of the graduates. The working area of a nurse is wide but then again, there should be interest in it so that you will be able to deliver your work accordingly.

Accelerated nursing offers possible students to take on the 15 month challenge of schooling for it will not only give them a rewarding career but will also give them the chance to be working as a noble professional who is enjoying an impressive salary offer and enjoying benefits that would satisfy him or her.

The program itself invites those who wanted to have a rapid career change in less than 15 months or so. The time allotted may be shorter and the expenses might be double but the return of investment is nonetheless for a life time.

Online RN To BSN Programs

Family Nurse Practitioner Programs

A Family Nurse Practitioner is a nurse that deals with patients of all ages in a family and is able to treat patients on own under the guidance of a physician, or sometimes without. These Practitioners are licensed nurse ; they usually practice in a clinic providing family medicine and less common found in hospital-based practice.

Most of the time a Family Nurse Practitioner’s responsibilities will be seeing patients in a clinic, outpatient setting with some sharing of phone-call duties. These nurses serve the whole family’s healthcare over a lifetime.Did you have a look at cna to lpn bridge programs ?

The family nurse practitioner programs efficiently train the nurses to deal with the patients of all ages from toddlers to aging adults. However, the selection of the family nurse practitioner program depends on the individual practice setting, the objectives of the practice, and the specialties represented in the clinic

There are Family registered nurse Practitioner Programs that provide special attention on the adolescents and adults patients than children. The job of the family nurse practitioner is more flexible than other nurse practitioner specialties.

Other nurse practitioners such as neonatal, acute care or paediatric nurse practitioners are limited to treating a specific patient base with their specialized training, whereas family nurse practitioners are not limited to family practice. (Find Out the best cna job interview questions) Hence Family Nurse Practitioners can practice in most healthcare specialties.

This is due to the fact that family nurse practitioners are trained to see all ages of patients and all types of medical ailments.

The process to become a family Nurse Practitioner involves both undergraduate and graduate level study in the field of nursing. Usually candidates have a Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing and then obtain a Masters in Nursing with a specialization in family medicine and also choose the Family Nurse Practitioner Programs in order to get trained and practice.

The family Nurse practitioner programs are the advanced a program that requires the candidate to go through extensive experience as a Registered Nurse.

Here are some Family Nurse Practitioner Programs where Family Nurse Practitioners are commonly found practicing Family Medicine, Urgent Care, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Gynecology, Gastroenterology, and Urology.

It is important to complete the Family Nurse Practitioner Programs from a school/ college that is accredited by the state intend to practice, the schools can be choose based upon the after completion of the program the candidate needs to go through the internship and get some hand on experience and then get placed in the most reputed health care field.

Online RN To BSN Programs

Benefits Of LPN to BSN Programs & Tips for Enrollment!

Despite the decent earning potentialities the career of a Licensed Practical Nurse possesses, it is clear to all that only a few LPNs end up their nursing career working as a LPN, while most others have the tendency to wear the revered title of a Registered Nurse (RN).

So, if you also do bear this praise-worthy determination to live the profession of a RN, then it is recommended for you to get yourself enrolled in an accredited LPN to BSN programs. Prepare a prefect cna job description – resume now at

Appealing Features of the LPN to BSN Programs:–

Gateway to seek for the Registered Nurse certification!

For your information, the BSN, in short, stands for Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing; the completion of this BSN program will make the LPNs eligible to seek for a registered nurse certification. However, to tell you the truth, there are other alternative ways of acquiring the RN certifications.

As an additional note, let me tell you that earning the BSN degree does not really demands from you to become a Registered Nurse. You can still continue your nursing career as a LPN with a BSN degree with the only difference being the increment in your earning potentiality.

All the same, the Registered Nurse certification will probably be the right thing to do once you complete the BSN program. After all, the average yearly RN salary comes around an enticing figure of $74,000 as of January 2012, not to mention that the highest earning potentiality even leaps over the figure of $100,000.

LPN to BSN programs have shortened time period than the usual Bachelor’s degree programs!

Speaking of the LPN to BSN programs, let me make it clear that these programs will be of an accelerated nature, which means that the time period for completing the bachelor’s degree course will be a shortened one than the usual. Generally, the accelerated BSN programs will take about 2 and half years for completion.

Now, the good thing about these LPN to BSN programs are that they are designed in such a way that the LPNs do not have to bother themselves to study the nursing courses that they have already been acquainted with.

Most LPN to BSN programs will give the LPNs the choice to skip at least 3 subjects, in which they are competent and, generally, the LPNs will have to pass some tests in order to prove their alleged competency.

How to enroll into a LPN to BSN program?

Like I said before, the LPN to BSN program is, in fact, an advanced placement bachelor’s degree program held mostly by the private colleges and the universities. So, in order to enroll in these programs, the aspiring LPN has to meet the requirements set by them.

Otherwise, the BSN program will not allow those LPNs to skip the essential nursing courses, which will mean that the LPNs may have to start the 4 years long BSN program from the first year with other students.

The complete guide on Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description –

Tips for enrollment in the accelerated LPN to BSN programs!

  • The LPNs, who have already got 1 or 2 years of job experience in this nursing profession, would have an easier time convincing the managers of these accelerated BSN programs to let themselves enrolled.
  • Most LPN to BSN programs will easily grant enrollment to the LPNs, who have trained from an accredited school.
  • Before going to a LPN to BSN program with the issue of enrollment, make sure to check that your current license has validity.